A few words about Gahagan Contractors


About Gahagan Contractors

We are a father and son service provider. Most of our client base consists of repeat customers. We will hang a ceiling fan for you or build your new home with the best tradesmen in the business. If you’re looking for experience and high end work performance, we are available. From your small handyman level needs to new construction. Start to finish, we provide quality attention to detail.


Our Core Values

Your home or office is more than just a shelter. Your project offers tremendous potential and an array of opportunities. It can be a chance to innovate, a source of energy or an asset to be cared for. Our Core Values guide us as we lead the industry forward and continue to provide our customers with the first class construction they expect.

Building Our Team

Construction is a team sport. Teamwork is a prerequisite for our reputation and success. We are in the business to help our employees achieve their potential. Together we attract and retain the best workforce in the state.

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